• Network ABC (US)
  • Genres Animation, Comedy
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Total runtime 16 hours
  • Status Ended

The Oddball Couple

1 member1 season32 episodes

This animated version of "The Odd Couple" features Paul Winchell as Fleabag (a slovenly, rude dog) and Frank Nelson as Spiffy (a finicky, neatnik cat) who live together in a home that's half mansion and half run-down shack. They try to get along, but the lazy and unorganized way that Fleabag lives his life -- and the orderly persnickety ways of Spiffy -- are almost too much for either to tolerate. They share a place of business where the antics of trying to get along continues.





cette serie d'animation était connu en France sous le nom de ''sac à puces et joli coeur''...