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Hussle & Motivate

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After winning the state championship, Spencer James faces a difficult decision that could transform his reputation. Billy realizes he needs to make some major changes to get his life back on track, while Grace and Corey have a tough conversation regarding their family.

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S02E02 - Speak Ya Clout

Actors (22)

Daniel Ezra
Spencer James
Taye Diggs
Billy Baker
Samantha Logan
Olivia Baker
Michael Evans Behling
Jordan Baker
Greta Onieogou
Layla Keating
Tamia 'Coop' Cooper
Cody Christian
Asher Adams
Monet Mazur
Laura Fine-Baker
Karimah Westbrook
Grace James
Troy Brookins
Beverly High Football Player (uncredited)
Raigan Harris
Anthony D. Washington
Ricky the Bartender
Kayla Smith
Rochelle Mosley
Lahmard J. Tate
Flip Williams
Kareem J. Grimes
Hunter Clowdus
JJ Parker
Chad L. Coleman
Corey James
Chelsea Tavares
Jordan Belfi
Principal Ed Landon
Asjha Cooper
Kia Williams
Darnell Hayes
Jalyn Hall
Dillon James