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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

A Vase

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Kawaki goes into town with Naruto to get a new vase to replace the one that he broke. On the way to the Yamanaka Flower Shop, they are joined by Sarada. Unaccustomed to peaceful everyday life, he snaps at Sarada’s attempts to talk to him, and almost attacks a child for bumping into him.

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S01E196 - A Binding Force

Episodes (202)

Season 1

Actors (8)

Uzumaki Boruto (voice)
Yuko Sanpei
Uzumaki Boruto (voice)
Uchiha Sarada (voice)
Kokoro Kikuchi
Uchiha Sarada (voice)
Mitsuki (voice)
Ryuichi Kijima
Mitsuki (voice)
Ryoko Shiraishi
Akimichi Chouchou (voice)
Shinji Kawada
Aburame Shino (voice)