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Silence Is Purgatory

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After ViCAP links the River Murders to a pharmaceutical company, Clarice seeks help from the corporate accountant for the company, who refuses to work with the FBI—and with Clarice specifically. Catherine goes outside for the first time since her rescue from Buffalo Bill. Ardelia and Agent Garrett connect with a lawyer they hope will take on the Black Coalition’s case against the FBI.

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S01E10 - Motherless Child

Actors (17)

Rebecca Breeds
Clarice Starling
Kal Penn
Emin Grigoryan
Nick Sandow
Murray Clarke
Michael Cudlitz
Paul Krendler
Lucca De Oliveira
Tomas Esquivel
Devyn A. Tyler
Ardelia Mapp
Douglas Smith
Tyson Conway
Taras Lavren
Ned Easton
Jen Richards
Julia Lawson
Emily Coutts
Joanne Reece
Patricia Walton
Elizabeth Saunders
Bea Love
K. C. Collins
Agent Garrett
Douglas Smith
Tyson Conway
Raoul Bhaneja
Joe Hudlin
Jayne Atkinson
Ruth Martin
Marnee Carpenter
Catherine Martin