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Motherless Child

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Catherine Martin escapes to Carneys Point, N.J., to confront Buffalo Bill’s mother. When Ruth recruits Krendler and ViCAP to track her down, Clarice volunteers to be the one to find Catherine before she commits a vile act and becomes a monster herself. Julia continues to assist the ViCAP team’s investigation despite the huge personal risk.

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S01E11 - Achilles Heel

Actors (14)

Rebecca Breeds
Clarice Starling
Kal Penn
Emin Grigoryan
Nick Sandow
Murray Clarke
Michael Cudlitz
Paul Krendler
Lucca De Oliveira
Tomas Esquivel
Devyn A. Tyler
Ardelia Mapp
Maria Ricossa
Lila Gumb
Jen Richards
Julia Lawson
Nicolette Pearse
Jane Tally
Emily Coutts
Derek Moran
Clarice's Father
Grace Lynn Kung
Dr. Renée Li
Jayne Atkinson
Ruth Martin
Marnee Carpenter
Catherine Martin