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While the rest of the police department are focused on finding the Ice Truck Killer, Dexter is busy gathering evidence for his next victim. It turns out he will also discover more about relationships, love and how to make a success of it all. In doing so he gets some hilarious advice from unlikely sources and we see the first time that he actually kills two people at one time.

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S01E06 - Return to Sender

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Cette série est géniale! :)


commen on fai pr regarder avc cette apps


Super serie


Actors (29)

Michael C. Hall
Dexter Morgan
Jennifer Carpenter
Debra Morgan
David Zayas
Angel Batista
James Remar
Harry Morgan
Lauren Vélez
Maria LaGuerta
Bruce Holman
Michael Soderquist
Brad William Henke
Tony Tucci
Lizette Carrión
Monique Gabriela Curnen
Angela Alvarado
Nina Batista
Christian Camargo
Rudy Cooper
Samuel Witwer
Neil Perry
José Zúñiga
Jorge Castillo
Valerie Dillman
Valerie Castillo
Scott MacDonald
Off. Gerard
Minerva García
Ashley Rose Orr
Josh Daugherty
Morgue Attendant
June Angela
Terry Woodberry
Carmen Olivares
Attractive Woman #1
Norma Fontana
Attractive Woman #2
Allysa Tacher
Screaming Jogger
George Morris Jr.
Police Officer
Kenny Quintero
Band Director Orquesta Brava
Julie Benz
Rita Bennett
Devon Graye
Teenage Dexter
Demetrius Grosse
Alex Timmons / Morgue Attendant (uncredited)
Erik King
James Doakes