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Young Sheldon

A Second Prodigy and the Hottest Tips for Pouty Lips

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Sheldon finds himself at odds with Paige once again when she considers enrolling at East Texas Tech. Mary seeks June's advice when looking for a change.

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S04E17 - A Black Hole


C'était pas vraiment amusant


Actors (15)

Iain Armitage
Sheldon Cooper
Zoe Perry
Mary Cooper
Lance Barber
George Cooper Sr.
Montana Jordan
Georgie Cooper
Raegan Revord
Missy Cooper
Annie Potts
Connie Tucker
Matt Hobby
Jeff Difford
Jim Parsons
Sheldon Cooper (voice)
Mckenna Grace
Paige Swanson
Wallace Shawn
John Sturgis
Andrea Anders
Linda Swanson
Doc Farrow
Wayne Wilkins
Melissa Peterman
Brenda Sparks
Reba McEntire
Wendie Malick
Linda Hagemeyer