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  • Number S13E09
  • Director Kristin Lehman
  • Writer Mark Haroun
Heartland (2007) (CA)

Fight or Flight

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Amy and Ty get some unexpected news about Luke just as Amy has to face an upsetting truth about Spartan. Meanwhile, as Ty deals with an influx of injured animals, Lou thinks she knows what’s causing the problem, but Tim warns her against risking her mayoral campaign on a dangerous theory. And while Jack helps Luke with a secret project, Georgie works on finding a way to help Amy’s dilemma with Spartan, but her motives may not be entirely selfless.

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Actors (7)

Amber Marshall
Amy Fleming
Graham Wardle
Ty Borden
Shaun Johnston
Jack Bartlett
Chris Potter
Tim Fleming
Michelle Morgan
Lou Fleming Morris
Alisha Newton
Georgie Fleming Morris
Julia Maren Baker
Katie Fleming Morris