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Happy Days

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Haru uses Ren as an excuse to reject women, irritating Ren. At the host club, Natsuo is asked yet again about his relationship with the other Natsu, annoying him. Ren delivers coffee to Shirou and he and Jūzen learns that he has a medical license. A flashback is shown with the relationship between the twins, Haru and Natsuo where Haru chooses the twins over Natsuo despite telling Natsuo that he loves him. Haru remarks that since he has told Ren that he was his, he hasn't once used those words to restrict him. It's the twin's birthday and Haru invites Onodera, Shirou and Natsuo amongst others. When Natsuo arrives, he and Haru talk about the host club and he kisses Haru. Ren kicks Haru; declaring that Haru is his before running to his room, embarrassed. Haru exclaims at Natsuo but then he asks him if he wasn't happy to hear that, telling him that he owed him. Haru asks Ren to say that he was his again. It's Ren's birthday, Christmas and he's sick. Haru, then Ren express their happiness on spending another one together. Ren tells him that "they" are pregnant and says that they need names, confusing Haru since he hasn't realized Ren was talking about the dog in Canada when Haruko and Rob sent a birthday card. Post credits, Shima has named the puppies after goddesses and the twins remarks on Haru's stupidity when he tries suggesting Japanese names.

Episodes (10)

Season 2
S02E01 - In the Pink
S02E02 - Gold Star
S02E03 - White Lie
S02E04 - See Red
S02E05 - Black and White
S02E06 - Marine Blue
S02E07 - Sweet Peach
S02E08 - Heavy Fog
S02E09 - Silver Lining
S02E10 - Happy Days