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Baloo the Bear stars in an adventurous comedy of love and conflict with his friend Kit Cloudkicker. Rebecca Cunningham and her daughter Molly purchase Baloo's failing company. Baloo must fly transport runs to clear his debt while dodging Don Karnage and his sky pirates.



Actores (86)

Ed Gilbert
Baloo (voice)
Sally Struthers
Rebecca Cunningham (voice)
Jim Cummings
Additional Voices (voice) / Back-Alley Thug (voice) / Covington (voice) / Don Karnage (voice) / Don Karnage / Dock Manager (voice) / Don Karnage / Hal / Louie (voice) / Don Karnage / Louie (voice) / Don Karnage / Louie / Kahn's Apprentice (voice) / Don Ka
R.J. Williams
Kit Cloudkicker (voice)
Pat Fraley
Wildcat (voice)
Chuck McCann
Additional Voices (voice) / Dumptruck (voice) / Dumptruck / Gibber (voice) / Guard (voice) / Ray (voice) / Rhino Goon (voice)
Charlie Adler
Additional Voices (voice) / Gasman / Maddog (voice) / Howard Huge (voice) / Mad Dog (voice) / Mad Dog / Bank Representative (voice) / Mad Dog / Delivery Man (voice) / Mad Dog / Freelance Pilot (voice) / Mad Dog / Hacksaw (voice) / Mad Dog / Pilot (voice)
Frank Welker
Additional Voices (voice) / Al / Creatures (voice) / Brutis / Red Robe Thug #2 / Scarabs (voice) / Buffy Vanderschmere (voice) / Captain Hotspur (voice) / Dimple (voice) / Giant Condor (voice) / Henry / Inkaras / Gator Policeman (voice) / Pilot Jack / Gor
Tony Jay
Shere Khan (voice)
Janna Michaels
Molly Cunningham (voice)
Jack Angel
Additional Voices (voice) / Barney O'Turret (voice) / Chauffer (voice) / Detective (voice) / Dock Manager (voice) / Finance Minister Lafong (voice) / High Marshal (voice) / Pig Salesman (voice) / The High Marshal / Wally (voice) / Usher (voice)
Alan Roberts
Kit Cloudkicker (voice)
Michael Gough
Colonel Ivanod Spigot (voice)
Lorenzo Music
Sgt. Dunder (voice)
Michael Bell
Colonel Grogg (voice) / Herman Grapple (voice) / High Marshal's Wife (voice) / Mr. Perry (voice) / Rob (voice)
S. Scott Bullock
Additional Voices (voice) / Ignatius (Ignatz) (voice) / Jacques Tojoure (voice) / Robert Service (voice) / Thembrian Pilot (voice)
Danny Mann
Additional Voices (voice) / Fred (voice) / Gertalin (voice) / Sergeant Grumpy (voice) / Thembrian Pilot (voice)
Hal Rayle
Additional Voices (voice) / Pilot #1 (voice) / Radio Host / Ice Cream Man / Otter Firstmate (voice)
Hamilton Camp
Babyface Half Nelson / Police Officer / Seymore (voice) / Whistlestop Jackson (voice)
Linda Gary
Muffy Vanderschmere (voice) / Woman at Laundromat (voice)
Ron Feinberg
Arnold (voice) / Cool Hands Luke (voice) / Coolhands Luke (voice)
Kenneth Mars
Buzz (voice) / Buzz / Heimlich Menudo (voice) / Heimlich Menudo (voice)
Susan Silo
Airplane Jane (Plane Jane) (voice) / Mary Lamb (voice) / Shapely Harem Girl (voice)
Dan Castellaneta
Dr. Zibaldo (voice) / Prince Wudolph (voice)
Townsend Coleman
Khan Pilot (voice) / Turkey Client / Newsreel Announcer (voice)
Kath Soucie
Clementine Clevenger (voice) / Princess Lotta Lamour (voice)
Howard Morris
King Amok (voice) / Postal Worker (voice)
Jerry Houser
Badger Goon (voice) / Kidnapper #1 / Police Officer (voice)
Maurice LaMarche
General Patton / Bart (voice) / Owl Capone (voice)
Corey Burton
Mr. Sultan (voice) / Stork Husband / Elephant Thief / Paperboy (voice)
Rob Paulsen
Dr. Debolt (voice) / Ratchet / Dr. Debolt / Khan Pilot (voice)
Sheryl Bernstein
Broadcast Sally (voice) / High Marshal's Wife (voice)
Tim Curry
Thaddeos E. Klang (voice)
Ellen Gerstell
Katie Dodd (voice)
Billie Hayes
Crazy Edie (voice) / Mrs. Half Nelson (voice)
Jennifer Darling
Mrs. Snarly (voice)
Whit Hertford
Ernie (voice)
Tony Pope
Additional Voices (voice)
Cam Clarke
Daring Dan Dawson (voice)
Hal Smith
Joe Magee (voice)
John Stephenson
Professor Crackpotkin (voice)
Robert Ito
Wan-Lo (voice)
Dan Gilvezan
Business Speaker (voice)
Tress MacNeille
Kitten Caboodle (voice)
Alan Young
Doctor (voice)
Edie McClurg
Mrs. Vandersnoot (voice)
Maggie Roswell
Girl / Sally (voice)
Patrick Gorman
Prof. Martin Torque (voice)
Peter Cullen
Octopus / Walrus Captain (voice)
Jodi Carlisle
Hippo Wife (voice)
David L. Lander
Weazel (voice)
Peter Renaday
Capt. William Stansbury (voice)
Sherry Lynn
Policewoman / Kathy Throgmorton (voice)
Ken Sansom
Ralph Throgmorton (voice)
Robert Ridgely
Director (voice)
Brian Cummings
Jack Case (voice)
Joan Gerber
Helga (voice)
Stan Jones
Hans the Butler (voice)
Patrick Pinney
Professor O'Bowens (voice)
Debi Derryberry
Wan-Lo's Daughter (voice)
Patric Zimmerman
Joe Cropduster (voice)
Brandon Bluhm
Jungle Ace Member (voice)
Gabriel Damon
Additional Voices (voice)
Ben Ryan Ganger
Oscar Vandersnoot (voice)
Julie Uribe
Bunnie (voice)
Henry Polic II
Police Chief (voice)
David Doyle
Sheriff Gomer Cleghorn (voice)
Allan Melvin
Warden Slammer (voice)
Russi Taylor
Mrs. Rockafeather (voice)
Victoria Carroll
Princess Grace (voice)
Edan Gross
Bobbo (voice)
Liz Georges
Mira the Archaeologist (voice)
Mark L. Taylor
Douglas 'Dougie' Benson (voice)
Phil Crowley
Walters (voice)
B.J. Ward
Records Clerk (voice)
Alan Oppenheimer
Principal Ed Pomeroy (voice)
Susan Tolsky
Mrs. Morrissey (voice)
Rodger Bumpass
Dr. Axolotl (voice)
Benny Grant
Jungle Ace Member (voice)
David Lodge
M.E.L. (voice)
Mitzi McCall
Una (voice)
Phil Hartman
Ace London (voice)
Michael Rye
Chancellor Trample (voice)
Neil Ross
Reggie (voice)
Simon Templeman
Rick Sky (voice)
Jim MacGeorge
Mick (voice)

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