• Network Show TV
  • Genres Drama, Romance
  • Runtime 120 minutes
  • Total runtime 134 hours
  • Status Ended

The Girl Named Feriha

29 members2 seasons67 episodes

Living in a luxury apartment in Etiler, doorman’s daughter Feriha and her mother Zehra are waiting on Feriha’s university exam results with excitement. While both mother and daughter is exci ted about the university results, Feriha’s twin brother Mehmet and her father Riza is not as excited. Her brother stopped studying after primary school. Mehmet being jealous of Feriha, Feriha is aware of her brother’s ambition and jealousy; wanting to have a luxury lifestyle like the house owners within the apartment. Apart from her university dream, Feriha has a friend called Cansu who lives in the same apartment. She is fond of her friend Cansu and is aware of the problems she has with her step-mother. Besides all problems both Feriha and Cansu have, it doesn’t stop them from being excited about their results. The big day arrives. Feriha receives a scholarship for a very highly educated university but is unaware of the different lifestyle she will have to face. With the familiar faces she sees on campus, she also recognises Emir Sarrafoğlu, handsome young man. Wearing Cansu’s clothes and living in Etiler, Feriha catches the luxury look and doesn’t seem any different from the other rich kids. Making the most of this look and lifestyle she doesn’t own, one day when her father comes to visit her at the campus, things start to get complicated. While trying to get Emir’s attention, Feriha manages to get Hande’s attention instead. Hande also has an eye for Emir but doesn’t have the courage to open up to him either. But bearing in mind, one small white lie brings on many more lies. One unexpected mistake brings out the truth and things get confusing even more.

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21 September 2017

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