• Network Kanal D
  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 95 minutes
  • Total runtime 20 hours 35 minutes
  • Status Ended

LOVE (2013)

6 members1 season13 episodes

If people were asked to name the one thing money couldn’t buy, the most common answer would be LOVE…There is nothing in the world more precious and stronger than love. For Azra and Kerem, lo ve is the all they have. They are infatuated with each other. They have met in the Sports Academy and has never been apart since then. Azra could barely support her family and Kerem has been out of work for a while. The only thing that is going right in their life is love. But without money, will love be enough for them? All of a sudden, Şebnem walks into their lives and this is the start of crucial events and changes. Şebnem is one of the rich students of Azra, she faints because of her deadly illness during the course.She has everything a person is looking for but love. She doesn’t want to die without experiencing the real love. She pours out her heart to Azra. Azra uses Şebnem to realise her dreams to save her and her love, Kerem. She is an angel and a devil, a friend and an enemy to Şebnem. Will Azra and Kerem sacrifice their love to save their lives? Will they put their love at risk? Azra and Kerem , once upon a time , the only thing they had was love. Will their love be plunged into darkness? Will they be able to smile ever again? …