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  • Genres Drame, Mini-série, Romance
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  • Chaîne Youku

My Everlasting Bride

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It was initially a joyous wedding day between the wealthy Shen family and the warlord Nie family, but the young miss Shen Qingxia was suddenly murdered and died in humiliation. Xiaodie, the maid of the Shen family, disguises herself as the young miss to marry Nie Zhen, the young master of the Nie family, to seek revenge. However, when Xiaodie discovers that the culprit is likely Nie Zhen, what awaits her is not a simple revenge plot but more love-hate relationships that begin to intertwine. The initial antagonist seems to have the proper side of goodness, while the familiar acquaintance is now veiled with the tyrannical darkness. As the story spirals in the vortex, the end resulting from cause and effect comes into view, crystallizing the oath of true love.

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(Saison 1)
28 August 2023