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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The Qualities of a Captain

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Boruto, Shikadai, Yuino, lwabe and lzuno Wasabi were gathered in a temporary team. The mission that was given to them is this: There is a rare “Flower” that only blooms for a short period of time. Collect it and bring it back. Even if the mission has been planned to be simple and conclude fairly quickly, the members ended up doing other things, Such as starting arguments with each other – childish things. Because of that, their progress didn’t go well. Meanwhile, they were worried that a nefarious person could appear to kidnap the rare plant. Will the members of this temporary team will safely fulfill the mission?

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S01E114 - Cards Proxy War!!

Episodes (176)

Season 1

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Yūko Sanpei
Uzumaki Boruto (voice)
Uchiha Sarada (voice)
Kokoro Kikuchi
Uchiha Sarada (voice)
Ryuuichi Kijima
Mitsuki (voice)
Ryoko Shiraishi
Akimichi Chouchou (voice)
Aburame Shino (voice)
Shinji Kawada
Aburame Shino (voice)