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Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir

Le gang des secrets

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Marinette becomes overwhelmed by keeping secrets from everyone she loves to keep them from harm. Worried about Marinette hiding from them how she feels now about Adrien and Luka, Alya, Juleka, Rose, Alix and Mylène come to her house to talk and give her a friendship bracelet made with beads and almost discover the Miracle Box, forcing her to lash out at them and say that they are not her friends anymore. Alya, Juleka, Rose, Alix and Mylène are so devastated that Shadow Moth akumatizes them back to Lady Wi-Fi, Reflekta, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker and Horrificator, joining forces as the "Gang of Secrets". Ladybug successfully helps Alya reject Shadow Moth's control and then recruits her as Rena Rouge to help defeat the others. After the victory, Marinette reconciles with her friends and then finally confesses to Alya that she is Ladybug.

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S04E04 - Mr.Pigeon 72

Episodes (8)

Season 4

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this is the best show


Moi non plus


je ne peux même pas regarder l'épisode


Actors (11)

Annouck Hautbois
Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug (voice)
Benjamin Bollen
Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir (voice)
Marie Nonnenmacher
Tikki (voice)
Antoine Tomé
Hawk Moth (voice)
Alya Césaire (voice)
Fanny Bloc
Alya Césaire (voice)
Marie Chevalot
Chloé Bourgeois (voice)
Plagg (voice)
Thierry Kazazian
Plagg (voice)
Jessica Barrier
Alix (voice)
Alexandre N'Guyen
Nino Lahiffe (voice)