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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir


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Ever since Chloé revealed the temporary Miraculous holders' identities in "Miracle Queen", Gabriel and Nathalie have been tracking them with the spy camera sentimonster "Optigami". To lure them out, Gabriel invites them all to a ceremony with Audrey Bourgeois, where he creates a sentimonster copy of Alec Cataldi, the show's moderator, to rile up Audrey and turn her back into Style Queen. She successfully eliminates Kagami, Chloé, Max, Luka, Kim, and Nino, but Marinette and Adrien are stuck together in an elevator and don't want to transform in front of each other.

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S04E14 - Sentibulleur

Actors (15)

Annouck Hautbois
Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug (voice)
Benjamin Bollen
Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir (voice)
Marie Nonnenmacher
Tikki (voice); Juleka Couffaine (voice)
Thierry Kazazian
Plagg (voice)
Antoine Tomé
Gabriel Agreste / Hawk Moth (voice)
Fanny Bloc
Alya Césaire (voice)
Alexandre N'Guyen
Nino Lahiffe (voice)
Marie Chevalot
Chloé Bourgeois (voice)
Jessica Barrier
Alix Kubdel (voice)
Adeline Chetail
Alix Kubdel (voice)
Martial Le Minoux
Tom Dupain (voice)
Jessie Lambotte
Sabine Cheng (voice); Nadja Chamack (voice)
Matthew Géczy
Jagged Stone (voice)
Clara Soares
Kagami Tsurugi (voice)
Gauthier Battoue
Luka Couffaine (voice)