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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Fu Furieux

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After a visit from Master Fu, Marinette is confronted by Su-Han, a "celestial guardian" of the Miraculouses who does not believe she and Cat Noir can protect Paris. When Cat Noir refuses to relinquish his Miraculous, the two fight Su-Han and escape with the Miracle Box. Su-Han attacks Master Fu and steals his cane to pursue the heroes, and the confrontation agitates Fu enough for Shadow Moth to akumatize him into "Furious Fu", a painter whose Chinese paper talismans can bring any concept to life. Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Furious Fu, impressing Su-Han enough to convince him to approve of Marinette's continued service as Ladybug.

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S04E06 - Pirkell

Actors (17)

Annouck Hautbois
Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug (voice)
Benjamin Bollen
Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir (voice)
Marie Nonnenmacher
Tikki (voice); Juleka Couffaine (voice)
Thierry Kazazian
Plagg (voice)
Antoine Tomé
Gabriel Agreste / Hawk Moth (voice)
Alya Césaire (voice)
Fanny Bloc
Alya Césaire (voice)
Plagg (voice)
Alexandre N'Guyen
Nino Lahiffe (voice)
Marie Chevalot
Chloé Bourgeois (voice)
Jessica Barrier
Alix Kubdel (voice)
Adeline Chetail
Alix Kubdel (voice)
Martial Le Minoux
Tom Dupain (voice)
Jessie Lambotte
Sabine Cheng (voice); Nadja Chamack (voice)
Matthew Géczy
Jagged Stone (voice)
Clara Soares
Kagami Tsurugi (voice)
Gauthier Battoue
Luka Couffaine (voice)