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  • Director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
  • Writer Paul Scheuring
Prison Break

The Key

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After the crash, Kellerman tries to suffocate Lincoln, but he is saved in the last moment by a stranger. Sucre leaves the solitary confinement and Michael tells to his partners that he has completed the map, but he needs the key of the infirmary. Abruzzi is back to Fox River, apparently converted in a religious man. Warden Pope sends Captain Bellick to find Lincoln before notifying the authorities. Nick tries to convince Veronica that they are losing time checking the calls of Quinn's cell phone. Michael kisses Sara and asks her to wait for him. Tweener is in trouble with Avocado and he castrates the abuser. Lincoln sees that the stranger is actually his father, and he explains that he worked for the powerful Company, and Lincoln is a victim of a big plot against him. He had leaked information of EcoField and they used Lincoln to force him to show off. Michaels asks for help to Nika. Veronica finds many calls from Montana. The Vice-President tells her brother that he is alive just because of her, and he replies that he does not understand how they have not killed her yet. Abruzzi meets T-Bag and asks him to forget everything, and they seal truce. Nika seeks out Sara and tells her life and how Michael helped her, but she actually steals Sara's key. A guy sees the Mustang in a junkyard where Aldo and Lincoln are hidden, but Kellerman bugs the conversation and goes to the spot. However, the police arrive and Captain Bellick arrests Lincoln, saving him from Kellerman. Sara seeks her key and recalls her meeting with Nika Volek; she calls maintenance service to replace the lock. Nick works for Abruzzi. Michael invites David and he betrays the plan to Captain Bellick. Lincoln is back to Fox River under 24 hours surveillance.

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Comments (3)

J'adore cette série !!! Contente de l'avoir découverte !!!! Maintenant qu'il a trouvé le trou, j'ai du mal à voir comment ça va se terminer !!!! Il ne reste que 3 épisodes !!!


Cette serie est trop prenante, j'aurai vu la première saison en 4jours :O


Oh putain, le retour d'Abruzzi, et Bellick à trouver le trou! :O Encore 2 épisodes et fin S01. *-*