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  • Number S02E04
  • Director Bobby Roth
  • Writer Nick Santora
Prison Break

First Down

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Michael, Linc, and Nika are captured by Bellick and Geary, who intend to retrieve Westmoreland's money in Utah. Tweener continues his drive with Debra Jean. Abruzzi is reunited with his wife and children and is set to flee the country with them, but decides to take care of Fibonacci first. T-Bag has a close call with the police at a Nebraska gas station, and then poses as a Marine who lost his hand in Iraq. Mahone waits for confirmation of the deaths of Michael and Linc in the car explosion, and meanwhile gets a lead on one of the other fugitives. Kellerman (posing as a recovering addict named Lance) befriends Sara.

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Mdr il me stresse a faire un résumé de l'épisode chaque fois ^^


John Abruzzi, balancer par un de ses amis de la mafia. Mais j'ai adorer sa réponse à Mahone, "Je ne m'agenouille que devant Dieu et la je le voit pas" Suite à ça il hausse son flingue et ils le mitraillent. Il ne sont déjà plus que 7.