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"Aw yeah. That golden rule." - The Bunk Omar calls in a favor to the police; Carcetti gets advice from the ex-mayor and then Mayor Royce and his team; Cutty finds out why Spider has been avoiding him and explains to the rest of his boxers that it won't happen again; Prez makes a break through with his students; Herc loses his camera; Greggs solves the Braddock case with soft eyes; Bubbles gets robbed repeatedly and searches for Sherrod; Namond begins to work a package and finds it hard to get suspended from school; Daniels catches Carcetti's eye.

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S04E08 - Corner Boys

Comments (3)

Omar en prison... C'est juste énorme !


Pauvre Bubbles ;(


Sans doute le meillleur début d'épisode de The wire. Omar Little...