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A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka halau ho'okahi

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(All Knowledge is Not Learned in Just One School) McGarrett and the team investigate when a deadly hit-and-run involves a driverless car carrying heroin, and what could be a new means for delivering drugs. Tani and Quinn are stuck with a pair of YouTubers who are brought on a ride-along with Five-0.

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S10E07 - Ka 'i'o

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Ça se regarde mais la série perd en vigueur, les scénarios sont écrits à la va vite et n’ont rien de bien original.


Ridicule... On touche le fond.


Actors (13)

Alex O'Loughlin
Steve McGarrett
Scott Caan
Danny "Danno" Williams
Ian Anthony Dale
Adam Noshimuri
Meaghan Rath
Tani Rey
Beulah Koale
Junior Reigns
Taylor Wily
Kamekona Tupuola
Dennis Chun
Duke Lukela
Kimee Balmilero
Dr. Noelani Cunha
Chi McBride
Lou Grover
Greg Cromer
Brent Garis
Ryan Sypek
Tom Allen
Katrina Law
Quinn Liu