Instinct (2018)

Finders Keepers

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Lizzie and Dylan work a case that provokes deep emotions for them when a 9-year-old boy goes missing on the eve of a judge’s decision in a bitter custody battle. With Dylan’s help, Lizzie confronts some of her past childhood demons. A major advancement presents itself in Dylan and Andy’s adoption search.

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S02E04 - Big Splash

Episodes (11)

Season 2
S02E01 - Stay Gold
S02E02 - Broken Record
S02E03 - Finders Keepers
S02E04 - Big Splash
S02E05 - Ancient History
S02E06 - One-of-a-Kind
S02E07 - After Hours
S02E08 - Go Figure
S02E09 - Manhunt
S02E10 - Trust Issues
S02E11 - Grey Matter