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  • Number S04E38
  • Director Sho Sugawara
  • Writers Yasuko Kobayashi, Toshiyuki Kato, Jiro Fujimoto
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Gold Experience Requiem

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Mortally wounded, Diavolo falls to the river and Trish urges Giorno to look for him, but Giorno claims that it won't be necessary. Diavolo believes that he climbs out of the river, but begins to experience multiple alternate scenarios in which he is violently killed. According to Giorno, the power of Golden Experience Requiem has doomed Diavolo to die over and over for all eternity. In a flashback to before Bucciarati and the others meet Giorno, a florist approaches Bucciarati and asks him to avenge his daughter. She apparently committed suicide, but he believes that she was killed by her boyfriend, a sculptor named Scolippi. On the way to interrogate the sculptor, Mista alone sees some strange round-shaped stones. Upon meeting the sculptor, he finds another stone next to him, sculpted in the form of Bucciarati at the moment of his death and realizes the sculptor is a Stand user.

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