The Devil Inside

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Now back in the Knights Templar Order as an Initiate, Landry continues his training under the harsh guidance of Talus, the battle-hardened Initiate master. DeNogaret implores King Philip to build a legal case against the Knights, seeking the aid of a former Templar to help carry out his plan. Prince Louis is tasked with a shocking secret mission.

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S02E03 - Faith

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Season 2
S02E01 - God's Executioners
S02E02 - The Devil Inside
S02E03 - Faith
S02E04 - Equal Before God
S02E05 - Road to Chartres
S02E06 - Blood Drenched Stone
S02E07 - Death Awaits
S02E08 - As I Breathe, I Trust the Cross

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On ne s'attendait pas à ce petit twist sur le flashback, bien joué les scénaristes.