• Genres Adventure, Fantasy
  • Runtime 120 minutes
  • Total runtime 420 hours
  • Status Continuing
  • Network Twitch

Critical Role

149 members9 seasons210 episodes

Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role!



Actors (35)

Joe Manganiello
Arkhan the Cruel the Dragonborn Paladin/Barbarian
Marisha Ray
Beauregard the Human Monk
Taliesin Jaffe  
Caduceus Clay the Firbolg Cleric
Liam O'Brien 
Caleb Widogast the Human Wizard
Mark Hulmes
Calianna the Half-Elf Sorcerer
Travis Willingham
Fjord the Half-Orc Warlock
Matthew Mercer
Game Master
Jason Charles Miller
Garthok the Half-Orc Rogue
Chris Hardwick
Gern Blanston the Dragonborn Wizard
Travis Willingham
Grog the Goliath Barbarian
Laura Bailey
Jester Lavore the Tiefling Cleric
Will Friedle
Kashaw Vesh the Human Cleric
Ashly Burch
Keg the Dwarven Fighter
Patrick Rothfuss
Kerrek the Human Paladin
Marisha Ray
Keyleth the Half-Elf Druid
Kit Buss
Lillith Anioska Daturai the Tiefling Wizard
Jon Heder
Lionel "Chod" Gayheart the Half-Orc "Bardbarian"
Felicia Day
Lyra the Human Wizard
Taliesin Jaffe
Mollymauk Tealeaf the Tiefling Blood Hunter
Sumalee Montano
Nila the Firbolg Druid
Sam Riegel
Nott the Goblin Rogue
Taliesin Jaffe
Percy the Human Gunslinger
Ashley Johnson
Pike the Gnome Cleric
Sam Riegel
Scanlan the Gnome Bard
Khary Payton
Shakäste the Human Cleric
Chris Perkins
Shale the Goliath Fighter
Darin De Paul
Sprigg the Arcane Trickster Gnome
Wil Wheaton
Thorbir Falbek the Dwarven Fighter
Orion Acaba
Tiberius the Dragonborn Sorcerer
Noelle Stevenson
Tova the Dwarven Blood Hunter
Deborah Ann Woll
Twiggy the Gnome Rogue
Liam O'Brien
Vax'Ildan the Half-Elf Rogue
Laura Bailey
Vex'Ahlia the Half-Elf Ranger
Ashley Johnson
Yasha the Aasimar Barbarian
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Zahra Hydris the Tiefling Warlock

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