• Genres Animation, Children
  • Runtime 10 minutes
  • Total runtime 130 hours
  • Status Continuing

Disney Animated Shorts

114 members81 seasons780 episodes

This Series features all of the animated short films produced by Walt Disney and Walt Disney Animation Studios, from 1921 to the present. This includes films produced at the Laugh-O-Gram Studio which Disney founded in 1921 as well as the animation studio now owned by The Walt Disney Company, called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (1923), The Walt Disney Studio (1926), Walt Disney Productions (1929), Walt Disney Feature Animation (1986), and Walt Disney Animation Studios (2007), and includes all of the cartoons of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Humphrey the Bear and the Disney produced Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts.

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de tres beaux dessins animés... je vous conseille l 'oiseau de feu (c'est dans les videos de la page...) par exemple...magnifique! dommage..beaucoup de liens videos morts...


Actors (42)

Virginia Davis
Alice (1923-1925)
Dawn O'Day
Alice (1925)
Margie Gay
Alice (1925-1927)
Lois Hardwick
Alice (1927)
Helen Silbert
Chip (1956)
Elvia Allman
Clarabelle Cow (1933-1990)
April Winchell
Clarabelle Cow (1996-present)
Clarence Nash
Daisy Duck (1940)
Gloria Blondell
Daisy Duck (1945-1950)
Kath Soucie
Daisy Duck (1996-1998)
Diane Michelle
Daisy Duck (1998-1999)
Tress MacNeille
Daisy Duck (1999-present)
Dessie Flynn
Dale (1943-1988)
Corey Burton
Dale (1988-present)
Pinto Colvig
Goofy (1932-1965)
George Johnson
Goofy (1939-1943)
Hal Smith
Goofy (1967-1983)
Tony Pope
Goofy (1979-1988)
Tony Anselmo
Huey, Dewey, and Louie (1987; 1999-present)
Julius the Cat
Julius the Cat
Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse (1928-1947; 1955-1959; 2013)
Jimmy MacDonald
Mickey Mouse (1947-1977)
Wayne Allwine
Mickey Mouse (1977-2009)
Les Perkins
Mickey Mouse (1986-1987)
Bret Iwan
Mickey Mouse (2009-present)
Chris Diamantopoulos
Mickey Mouse (2013-present)
Marjorie Norton Ralston
Minnie Mouse (1929)
Marcellite Garner
Minnie Mouse (1930-1939)
Thelma Boardman
Minnie Mouse (1937-1938; 1941-1942)
Ruth Clifford
Minnie Mouse (1944-1952)
Russi Taylor
Minnie Mouse (1986-present)
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Billy Bletcher
Pete (1932-1944; 1952-1954)
Jim Cummings
Pete (1992-present)
John McLeish
Pete (Bellboy Donald, 1942)
Arthur Burghardt
Pete (The Prince and the Pauper, 1990); 2001-2003)
Lee Millar
Pluto (1939-1941)
Bill Farmer
Pluto (1990-present)
Charles Fleischer
Roger Rabbit
Bill Thompson
Scrooge McDuck (1967)
Alan Young
Scrooge McDuck (1974-2016)
Will Ryan
Scrooge McDuck (1987)

Videos (18)

Frozen Court Métrage Trailer
25 February 2015
Festin Court Métrage
14 November 2014
Mickey Mouse (2014)
23 September 2014
LAVA Court Métrage Trailer
28 August 2014
Toy Story Court Métrage
22 April 2013
Paperman Trailer
31 January 2013
Trois Petits Orphelins (1935)
1 November 2012
Les Trois Petits Cochons (1933)
28 September 2012
l'Oiseau de Feu Court Métrage
14 June 2012
Le Lièvre et la Tortue (1935)
28 March 2012
La Danse Macabre - Silly Symphonies
19 March 2012
Le Petit Soldat de Plomb Court Métrage
28 September 2011
Les Flamants Rose Court Métrage
28 September 2011
Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation
2 March 2011
Winnie L'Ourson Trailer
9 November 2010
Merbabies Court Métrage
9 November 2010
A travers le Miroir Court Métrage
27 August 2009
Hansel et Gretel Court Métrage
25 December 2008

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