• Network ABC (US)
  • Genres Comedy, Science-Fiction
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Total runtime 40 hours
  • Status Ended

Mork & Mindy

19 members4 seasons96 episodes

Mork & Mindy is a spin-off from an episode of Happy Days seen in February 1978, in which an alien from the planet Ork lands on Earth and attempts to kidnap Richie. Mork is a misfit on his ow n planet because of his sense of humor, so the humorless Orkans send him off to study Earthlings, whose 'crazy' customs they had never been able to understand. Mork lands, in a giant eggshell, near Boulder, Colorado and is befriended by pretty Mindy McConnell, a clerk at a music store run by her father. Mork looks human, but his strange mixture of Orkan and Earthling customs leads most people to think of him as a nut.





La série qui a fait connaître Robin Williams. Seules les 2 premières saisons valent le coup.


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