• Network ICI Tou.tv
  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Total runtime 12 hours
  • Status Continuing

Plan B

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What if it was possible to go back in time, alter past events, and change your fate? What if you were given a second chance? When Philippe loses Evelyne, the love of his life, he discovers Plan B, an organization with an unlikely proposition: revisiting your past. After a successful trial, Philippe realizes the immense power of altering history. He will use time travel to further the interests of the law firm he owns with Patrice (his partner, friend and brother-in-law) and to steer his brother André back onto the right path. But Philippe will discover that even trivial choices have unpredictable, disproportionate effects on his life and others’. Every action will have consequences. Was it worth it? Should one accept one’s destiny?




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dommage pour cet accent au couteau pour ma part je zappe


ca aurait pu etre une comédie naze de plus mais c'est considéré comme un drame avec de vraies questions sur les conséquences de connaitre l'avenir....a aller voir d'un peu plus pres... pas trouvé de trailer...dommage surtout que le 1er episode est sorti...et ca nous vient du Canada... peut etre une bonne surprise...


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