Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Bargain x And x Deal

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Gon, Killua, and Hisoka team up to catch Razor's strongest throw. They're taking Razor head on. Once the ball has been secured, Gon uses all of his strength to launch it at Razor. The game of dodgeball is drawing to a close.

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S02E14 - Chase x And x Chance

Episodes (78)

Season 2
S02E01 - Bid x And x Haste
S02E02 - End x And x Beginning
S02E03 - Invitation x And x Friend
S02E04 - Reality x And x Raw
S02E05 - A x Hard x Master
S02E06 - Strengthen x And x Threaten
S02E07 - Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors
S02E08 - Strategy x And x Scheme
S02E09 - 15 x 15
S02E10 - Pirates x And x Guesses
S02E11 - A x Heated x Showdown
S02E12 - Guts x And x Courage
S02E13 - Bargain x And x Deal
S02E14 - Chase x And x Chance
S02E15 - Insanity x And x Sanity
S02E16 - Victor x And x Loser
S02E17 - Ging's Friends x And x True Friends
S02E18 - Reunion x And x Understanding
S02E19 - Unease x And x Sighting
S02E20 - Very x Rapid x Reproduction
S02E21 - No x Good x NGL
S02E22 - Evil x And x Terrible
S02E23 - The x Fight x Begins
S02E24 - Kite x And x Slots
S02E25 - Inspiration x To x Evolve
S02E26 - A x Fated x Awakening
S02E27 - Light x And x Darkness
S02E28 - Promise x And x Reunion
S02E29 - Duel x And x Escape
S02E30 - Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness
S02E31 - Compassion x And x Strength
S02E32 - Interest x And x Curse
S02E33 - The Strong x And x The Weak
S02E34 - One Wish x And x Two Promises
S02E35 - Date x With x Palm
S02E36 - Friend x And x Journey
S02E37 - Grudge x And x Dread
S02E38 - A x Lawless x Home
S02E39 - Carnage x And x Devastation
S02E40 - Infiltration x And x Selection
S02E41 - Combination x And x Evolution
S02E42 - Tracking x And x Pursuit
S02E43 - Ikalgo x And x Lightning
S02E44 - Power x And x Games
S02E45 - Check x And x Mate
S02E46 - Doubt x And x Hesitation
S02E47 - Resolve x And x Awakening
S02E48 - Knov x And x Morel
S02E49 - Return x And x Retire
S02E50 - Gungi x Of x Komugi
S02E51 - Taking Stock x And x Taking Action
S02E52 - Confusion x And x Expectation
S02E53 - Charge x And x Invade
S02E54 - Monster x And x Monster
S02E55 - An x Indebted x Insect
S02E56 - Divide x And x Conquer
S02E57 - Duty x and x Question
S02E58 - Revenge x And x Recovery
S02E59 - Insult x And x Payback
S02E60 - A x False x Rage
S02E61 - Strong x Or x Weak
S02E62 - Fake x And x Real
S02E63 - Defeat x And x Dignity
S02E64 - Pose x And x Name
S02E65 - Centipede x And x Memory
S02E66 - Breakdown x And x Awakening
S02E67 - Great Power x And x Ultimate Power
S02E68 - Zero x And x Rose
S02E69 - Hostility x And x Determination
S02E70 - Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional Love
S02E71 - Formidable Enemy x And x Clear Objective
S02E72 - Magic x to x Destroy
S02E73 - Anger x And x Light
S02E74 - Flash x And x Start
S02E75 - Deadline x To x Live
S02E76 - The Word x Is x You
S02E77 - This Person x And x This Moment
S02E78 - Homecoming x And x Real Name


Reisa pour sonner japonais, raz or à la limite, mais laser.... Un épisode sympa ou on découvre une fois de plus le potentiel de gon !