New Amsterdam (2018)


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The pressure is on as Max takes on his first annual fundraising gala at the hospital and emotions are high as some of the doctor's families join them for the event. Iggy struggles to break difficult news to his daughter and Bloom and Reynolds continue to deal with the fallout of their argument. Meanwhile, Kapoor and Dr. Sharpe work together to find out what is making a father and son duo so sick.

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S01E07 - Domino Effect

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Épisode génial, beaucoup d’émotion... on est vite addict 🙂


Sympa même si prévisible. Au moins maintenant elle le sait. La gardienne était flippante. Seul bémol c'est qu'on les voit se confier les uns aux autres mais j'ai toujours le sentiment que ça sort de nulle part...