Strike Back

Silent War: Episode 8

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Coltrane defends his decision to go rogue with S20. After tailing Hassan and the nuclear suitcase to a deserted shopping mall in Jakarta, Wyatt and Novin face down threats from Komodo soldiers and, later, Colonel Aldo and his insurgents. As Katrina weighs her allegiances, Pavel resets the parameters of the Russian plans to overthrow the Indonesian government.

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Très bon épisode !!!!


Actors (8)

Warren Brown
Sergeant Daniel “Mac” Macallister
Daniel MacPherson
Sergeant Samuel Wyatt
Alin Sumarwata
Lance Corporal Gracie Novin
Yasemin Kay Allen
Katrina Zarkova
Jamie Bamber
Col. Alexander Coltrane
Faizal Hussein
Hassan Ahmed
Ky Discala
Varada Sethu
LCpl. Manisha Chetri / Chetri