Good Witch

The Graduation

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Cassie and Sam prepare to send Grace and Nick away to college, joined by Nick’s mom, who worries about his cross-country move to college. Grace spends her last days in Middleton helping a designer make a dress, and uncovering her true passion in the process. Stephanie and Adam balance a busy workload and their relationship. Abigail struggles to respond when Donovan shares his feelings for her, unsure if a curse may be to blame. Meanwhile, Sam and Martha continue the hunt for the Middleton treasure, lead ing to an unexpected discovery.

Episodes (10)

Season 5
S05E01 - The Forever Tree Pt. 1
S05E02 - The Forever Tree Pt. 2
S05E03 - The Honeymoon
S05E04 - The Prince
S05E05 - The Tea
S05E06 - The Road Trip
S05E07 - The Grey-cation
S05E08 - The Treasure
S05E09 - The Comet
S05E10 - The Graduation