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FBI: Most Wanted


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After witnessing her husband’s murder, a woman is kidnapped from her home along with a mysterious stash of money hidden in her floor. When Jess realizes there may be a connection to one of his past cases, the need to find the kidnapper becomes personal.

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S02E04 - Anonymous

Actors (20)

Julian McMahon
Jess LaCroix
Kellan Lutz
Kenny Crosby
Roxy Sternberg
Sheryll Barnes
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Hana Gibson
Nathaniel Arcand
Clinton Skye
YaYa Gosselin
Tali LaCroix
Alana de la Garza
Isobel Castille
Rachel York
Marie Smith
Xander Berkeley
Maurice Hewitt
Cadden Jones
Avery Garnier
Scott Drummond
U.S. Marshal Carter Larsen
Ariana Chantelle Cordero
Luna Salina
Robert Pendilla
Charles Everett
Agent Rashad Alero
Lauren Cohn
Jeffrey Mark
Len Garnier
Danielle Dallacco
Luke Hofmaier
Bank Manager
Terry O'Quinn
Byron LaCroix
Amy Carlson
Jackie Ward