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The Good Fight

And the Two Partners Had a Fight…

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When Reddick/Lockhart associates start posting anonymous hate messages about Julius and Diane on a new interoffice app, Diane's name partner position at the firm is once again questioned. Diane grapples with her marriage after learning Kurt is considering a job offer from the NRA. Wackner goes to real court to have his approach and sanity questioned.

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S05E07 - And the Fight Had a Détente…

Acteurs (30)

Christine Baranski
Diane Lockhart
Cush Jumbo
Lucca Quinn
Audra McDonald
Elizabeth "Liz" Reddick-Lawrence
Sarah Steele
Marissa Gold
Julius Cain
Nyambi Nyambi
Jay Dipersia
Delroy Lindo
Adrian Boseman
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Mr. Vitar
Jane Curtin
Judge Pamela Farley
Elaine May
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Danny Burstein
William Schultz
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
Barry Poe
Joshua Echebiri
Paul DeBoy
Bob the Fracking King
Al Sapienza
Teamsters Client
Jason Bowen
Jeb Kreager
Louis Vanaria
Abigail Stephenson
Tip-Top Trina
Zach Grenier
David Lee
Mandy Patinkin
Hal Wackner
Charmaine Bingwa
Carmen Moyo
Stephen Lang
David Cord
Michael Boatman
Julius Cain
Kurt McVeigh
Brenda Braxton
Madeline Gilford
Wayne Brady
Del Cooper
Geoffrey Owens
Gary Cole
Kurt McVeigh
Blake Morris
Bailiff Dean Rush