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Day of Death

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Nolan and the entire team are in a desperate search to rescue Chen after her abduction, and must attempt to get Rosalind to help them in their search. After Lopez discovers Wesley unconscious from a dangerous cocktail of alcohol and pills, she is forced to keep him close by.

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S02E12 - Now and Then


Jetais en apnee tout du long...genial cet episode


Actors (14)

Nathan Fillion
John Nolan
Melissa O'Neil
Lucy Chen
Titus Makin Jr.
Jackson West
Eric Winter
Tim Bradford
Alyssa Diaz
Angela Lopez
Richard T. Jones
Wade Grey
Shawn Ashmore
Wesley Evers
Harold Perrineau
Nick Armstrong
Ali Larter
Dr. Grace Sawyer
Annie Wersching
Rosalind Dyer
Julian Acosta
Sgt. Antonio Hernandez
Michael Cassidy
Caleb Wright
Natalia del Riego
Nora Valdez
Mekia Cox
Nyla Harper