The Show Must Go On, Probably?

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Barry tries to convince Sally and the class to go ahead with a performance despite the absence of Cousineau, who's grief-stricken after the disappearance of Detective Moss. With Goran gone, NoHo Hank and Cristobal's new partnership faces growing pains and some jealousy issues. Back in Cleveland, Fuches learns that replacement hitmen don't come easy.

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S02E02 - The Power of No

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Season 2
S02E01 - The Show Must Go On, Probably?
S02E02 - The Power of No
S02E03 - Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday
S02E04 - What?!
S02E05 - ronny/lily
S02E06 - The Truth Has a Ring to It
S02E07 - The Audition
S02E08 - berkman > block

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Retour en douceur je me souviens plus trop de la saison 1.


le tchetchene est le meilleur perso pour moi