Ray Donovan


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Mayor Feratti ups the ante in his negotiations with the Sullivans, and Ray must step in to finish the deal. Bridget and Smitty are called in to fix Jonathan Walker Hanson’s unsavory publicity scandal. Claudette offers Daryll an opportunity to leave the Donovans once and for al. Bunchy grapples with the consequences of his drugstore violence. Terry struggles with the realities of his illness.

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S07E05 - An Irish Lullaby

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Season 7

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Intéressant comment Bridget reprend le flambeau en devenant Fixer comme son père. Bonne idée je trouve.


J’ai trouvé l’épisode brouillon. Trop d’arcs narratifs différents. On a l’impression que c’est pour occuper tout le casting.