Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs

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Lagertha is visited by women from nearby villages and they feast together happily, however the community is shattered by shocking events. In Kiev, Oleg continues to be friendly to Ivar who is aware of the threat he poses not only to himself, but also to the young heir of the throne. Bjorn has answered the call and comes to the aid of an old enemy, but all is not right as disaster looms for his forces.

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S06E04 - All the Prisoners

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Season 6

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Je pense aussi que Ivar a trouvé son maître... Hvitsek commence déjà à me saouler... Qu’il se barre sur la route de la soie et fasse la rencontre d’Oleg ça va le calmer ;)


Pas très malin de la part de Bjorn. Et notre ami russe est vraiment plus barré que notre Ivar. Il était aussi clair que l’épée de Lagertha n’allait pas rester enterrée.