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Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!

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When a mysterious Pokémon steals Hala’s Z-Crystal, the Ultra Guardians leap into action—even though it’s the middle of the night! They return empty-handed, but the next day, Lusamine tells them they’re looking for an Ultra Beast named Pheromosa. Pheromosa is fascinated with Z-Crystals, and it’s stolen several from unsuspecting Trainers. When it steals Team Rocket’s Z-Crystals, Meowth is no help—because he’s infatuated with the thief! But when it becomes obvious that Pheromosa only cares about Z-Crystals, Meowth’s heart breaks, and he returns to his friends…including Bewear, who inadvertently helps the Ultra Guardians return Pheromosa to its own world!

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S18E115 - The Dealer of Destruction!

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