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Pill Shills

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Bosch and Edgar uncover more details about the pharmacy murder and the opioid operation, while Detective Robertson works a tandem homicide. As Bosch pushes back against the deathbed confession at the heart of Borders' petition for release, he enlists the help of a longtime adversary. J. Edgar tries to persuade a former CI to cooperate with an investigation.

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S05E03 - The Last Scrip


Un peu dur à suivre parfois avec leur jargon.


Actors (28)

Titus Welliver
Harry Bosch
Jamie Hector
Jerry Edgar
Amy Aquino
Grace Billets
Lance Reddick
Irvin Irving
Mimi Rogers
Honey Chandler
Ryan Hurst
Hector Bonner
DaJuan Johnson
Detective Rondell Pierce
Judith Moreland
DA Roselyn Hines
Mark Rolston
Lt. Thorne
Ingrid Rogers
LaTonya Edgar
Bianca Kajlich
Christina Henry
Billy Lush
Linda Park
Jun Park
Mason Dye
Tom Galligan
Eric Ladin
Scott Anderson
Yani Gellman
Jose Esquivel Jr.
Rene Moran
Oscar Pineto
Hillary Tuck
Victim's Wife
Mataeo Mingo
Jack Edgar
Tim Lounibos
Ed Sung
Ben Milliken
Devan Long
Kevin Sifuentes
Esquivel Sr.
Reggie Watkins
Det. Marvin Webster
Jonathan Camp
Barry Livingston
Gary Potter
Jeri Ryan
Veronica Allen
Avery Clyde
Kathy Zellen