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  • Number S01E18
  • Director Greg Beeman
  • Writers Marcos Luevanos, Zoe Marshall
Charmed (2018)

The Replacement

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When Harry mysteriously disappears, a substitute Whitelighter, Tessa, surprises the sisters. With Galvin’s return imminent, Macy knows she must tell him her decision about her demon side. Niko is curious when she sees that the Sarcana has cleared out and calls Mel for clarity, but when Mel arrives she is alarmed at what she discovers. Meanwhile, Maggie is trying to figure out how she can pay for college and turns to Macy for guidance.

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Actors (11)

Madeleine Mantock
Macy Vaughn
Melonie Diaz
Mel Vera
Sarah Jeffery
Maggie Vera
Rupert Evans
Harry Greenwood
Eva La Dare
Mama Roz
Chloe Bridges
Tessa Flores-Cohen
Aleyse Shannon
Jada Shields
Carlena Britch
Nick Hargrove
Parker Caine
Ser'Darius Blain
Galvin Burdette
Ellen Tamaki
Niko Hamada