Prodigal Son

Alone Time

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The FBI and NYPD collaborate to save Malcolm from the 'Junkyard Killer'—aka John Watkins—who Watkins reveals shocking details about his involvement in the camping trip memories that have been plaguing his psyche. Gil looks for answers from The Surgeon. Ainsley and Jessica search through their memories of the past, hoping to find some sort a clue to where Malcolm could be hidden.

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S01E12 - Internal Affairs

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à quand les sous titre vf ?


J'ai tellement hâte de voir cet épisode 🤯🤯 Et la rencontre Gil/Martin risque d'être épique.


Actors (16)

Tom Payne
Malcolm Bright
Michael Sheen
Dr. Martin Whitly
Bellamy Young
Jessica Whitly
Lou Diamond Phillips
Gil Arroyo
Halston Sage
Ainsley Whitly
Aurora Perrineau
Dani Powell
Frank Harts
JT Tarmel
Keiko Agena
Dr. Edrisa Tanaka
Meagan Good
Colette Swanson
Michael Raymond-James
Paul Lazar/John Watkins/The Junkyard Killer
Charlayne Woodard
Dr. Gabrielle Le Deux
Kasjan Wilson
Young Malcolm
Esau Pritchett
Mr. David
Meredith Garretson
Marylouise Burke
Matilda Watkins
Hettienne Park