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Fabia tells Shun her side of the story, which he believes while he worries that the others have made a big mistake. While Marucho and Ren work hard on an expansion for Bakugan Interspace Jesse Glenn arrives. Dan heads to the new arena to challenge him but is stopped by Fabia, who claims that Jesse is not who he claims to be. Fabia steps in to fight Jesse, something that greatly confuses Dan and the others since they all think that both Jessie and Fabia are Neathians. Ren insists that they do not cheer for either of them and they should just let their enemies destroy each other. Despite this, Dan, Jake and Marucho cheer for Fabia. Although she puts up a good fight, Fabia loses due to a bug in the field, causing her to cry over her loss. Shun explains that the only person who could plant an unlikely bug that caused Fabia's defeat was someone familiar with the BI System, someone like Ren. Ren denies everything while Jesse flees. Fabia and Shun expose Ren for lying about how Neathia attacked Gundalia, causing him to run away. Marucho, however, refuses to believe these accusations and rushed off to find Ren.

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