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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

The Secret Package

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The Gundalians are easily overpowering the Neathians thanks to the brainwashed brawlers Ren got from Bakugan Interspace. In a last desperate attempt, the Captain of the Neathian Guard sends a Castle Knight, Linus to Earth to give Fabia the Element, the very thing the Gundalians are trying to take from the Neathians. As security tightens for the brawlers, their attempt to bring kids out safely is getting more difficult. However, many of the kids believe Dan and the brawlers over their wanted announcement. After Shun returns from saving more kids, he runs into Linus who is looking for Fabia. Though reluctant to trust him at first, they are attacked by Ren and Jesse and a battle ensues. Linus' partner Neo displays incredible power but the battle eventually goes to Jesse, who takes Neo as his victory prize. Linus is taken back to the others after being injured during the battle. He tells Fabia that having lost Neo to the Gundalians, he has also lost the Element, leaving Neathia doomed.

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