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With one of the 12 Orders disposed of, Barodius secures the loyalty of the others or else they will face the same fate as Nurzak. 2-3 days are required before Dharak's Exokor is ready, so Dharak suggests that, in the meantime, they launch a smaller attack to distract the Neathians. Once again, the Gundalians rely on the kidnapped humans from Bakugan Interspace to do their fighting for them. Unfortunately for the brawlers, when most of the kids are beaten, the Gundalian brainwashing does not wear off. While Kazarina experiments on more bakugan, she sends Ren to collect more battlers from Bakugan Interspace while Gill sends Stoica with him. Stoica however, bails to do things his way leaving Ren on his own, while Linehalt suggest they rethink their loyalties to which Ren tells him they have come too far to switch sides. Meanwhile, the subterra brawler Fabia defeated in episode 3, Koji, attempts to get in to have a battle, but is stopped by Julie, who tells him about the Gundalian-Neathian war while Stoica watches from afar. Koji leaves, believing Julie's story is too farfetched, and Stoica convinces him to head to Gundalia where he and other kids are brainwashed by Kazarina. With more kids attacking, Dan and Fabia split off from the others and encounter a Bakugan Mobile Assault Vehicle, a highly evolved Battle Gear, named Implanton. Fabia immediately recognizes Koji but is unable to get him to remember her. Fabia decides to use an Assault Vehicle designed for Drago and has it uploaded to his Bakumeter, and while it is downloading, she holds off Koji. The upload is complete and Dan easily defeats Koji with the Drago's Assult Vehicle, but Koji is still under their influence. Dan vows to free all the kids from Gundalian control. Kazarina releases control and the kids are returned to Bakugan Interspace. Koji tells Julie about what happened and how he doesn't remember anything after meeting Stoica but he vaguely remembers Dan's voice.

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