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Escape from Darkness

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With Ren still under control of Bakugan Interspace, Marucho quickly comes up with a plan to regain his beloved creation. Emperor Barodius calls Ren and suspects Ren may betray them due to his desire to not battle with his former friends. Ren assures him of his loyalty while Linehalt attempts to get the truth from his friend. Ren reminds him of the story behind their loyalty to Barodius: there were many ancient Bakugan with Forbidden powers but they were sealed underground. Eventually their numbers dwindled to just Linehalt. Ren was the last descendant of the Protectors of the Dark Bakugan and was assigned to take care of Linehalt. Over the years, they bonded and dreamed of escaping their underground prison until Barodius recruited them to lead the invasion team to Earth. Meanwhile, Marucho and Fabia infiltrate Bakugan Interspace. Marucho tries to regain control while Fabia and an Avatar Marucho battle Lena and Zenet. The Avatar is quickly taken out as Ren discovers Marucho's invasion. Fabia is defeated and Zenet and Lena decided to take her back as a prisoner, something that will give them an edge against Neathia. However, Marucho arrives in time to get her out. Though their mission was unsuccessful, Marucho reveals he installed a back door to better access Bakugan Interspace without alerting Ren and his team.

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