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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Divide and Conquer

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Nurzak sends a message to the brawlers for a meeting to discuss a peace treaty. The brawlers are unsure but decide to take the risk anyway. Nurzak plans to use Kazarina's attack on the emperor as his chance to sneak away to Neathia and give the brawlers the Switch Code, something that can supposedly control the Sacred Orb. Meanwhile, Gill informs Barodius of Nurzak and Kazarin'a betrayal and heads to stop him before he leaves for Neathia. Kazarina arrives with her troops and reveals that she is actually working for Barodius as a triple agent! However, Barodius decides to deal with Nurzak via battle. When Sabotaur begins absorbing Dharak's power, it proves to be too much for him to handle. Barodius destroys Nuzak and Sabotaur and the entire building as well. The brawlers, still waiting for Nurzak, conclude that they have either been stood up or something has happened to Nurzak. Back on Gundalia, Barodius thanks Kazarina for her services while Gill vows to take Kazarina down, still not trusting her.

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