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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Dream Escape

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Just as Kazarina is about to finish Dan off, Jake breaks free of the hypnosis and stops her. Fabia arrives and holds off Lumagrowl while Jake and Coredem rescue Dan and Drago. During the battle, Kazarina and Lumagrowl reveal Aranaut's last time on Gundalia: when Jin was killed and he was captured. Aranaut reveals he knew the entire time and was only faking because Fabia had never mentioned Jin because she wanted to protect him. Dan comes too and he and Jake join the battle, causing Kazarina to run away. Dan, Jake and Fabia reunite with the others and fight the Twelve Orders. The Brawlers suddenly notice that Barodius is missing: he has gone to Neathia to attack!! Dharak destroys the third shield and the Gundalians lay waste to the city. Dragonoid Colossus appears to take everyone back to Neathia, but the Twelve Orders summon their bakugan to stop them.

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