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Twin Attack

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Dan and the others have been forced out of Bakugan Interspace and Ren has taken control! However it seems that they were the only ones kicked out as other kids continue to log on, not knowing what is going on. To make things easier, Marucho, Shun and Fabia head over to Dan in Bayview City aboard his giant airship. Dan tries to enter Bakugan Interspace, but is rejected. He tries to tell the other kids about the danger, but none of them believe him. Marucho is unable to shut it down as Ren has complete control, so Jake tries brute force, which actually works. Marucho takes them to a remote access room so they can plan their next move. Fabia remembers that the Neathian Bakugan can body shift themselves into Interspace. Dan immediately wants to go, but Drago reminds him he does not have that same power. So Jake volunteers and brings Dan along using Coredem's power. Dan and Jake witness brainwashed kids take back more kids back to Gundalia. The same two brawlers who accused Dan of lying reappear, now brainwashed by Gundalia, and battle Dan and Jake. They easily secure victory as well as the opponent Bakugan. The two boys are released from Gundalian control and Dan and Jake take them out of Bakugan Interspace. Dan vows to rescue all the brainwashed children.

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S03E10 - Escape from Darkness

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