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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Gundalian Showdown

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The brawlers must head back to Neathia to defend it from Dharak's attack but Kazarina, Stoica, Gill and Airzel are determined to keep them on Gundalia. The brawlers manage to fight them off and escape, but Fabia remains behind to fight Kazarina, as she has a vendetta against her for the death of her fiance, Jin. The brawlers quickly make their way back to Neathia, with the Gundalian forces close behind, as Elright and Linus who has Rubanoid as his partner attempt to fight back. Meanwhile, Fabia and Aranaut are taking a beating and things look grim. Suddenly, Avoir flies in and saves them with Mason and Nurzak as the brawlers arrive on Neathia.

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S03E37 - Broken Spell

Episodes (39)

Season 3